Identification and development of cotton germplasm and potential breeding lines with improved Fusarium wilt (FOV) resistance, fiber quality, and yield


OBJECTIVES (related to #(1) and #(2) above:
1. Develop cotton progeny and breeding populations segregating for FOV race 4 resistance. (approximately 2/3 of efforts will focus on Upland / Acala types of cotton, with remainder of effort on Pima germplasm).

For 2013 evaluations: Over 500 entries were sent from Mauricio Ulloa in Lubbock, TX representing populations derived from cooperative work with Bob Hutmacher and Steve Wright of UCCE in recent years. These entries were planted at one major field screening site for race 4 FOV in Tulare County, and evaluations of all entries were done in the summer and fall of 2013. For 2014 evaluations: Over 410 entries were sent from Mauricio Ulloa of USDA-ARS in Lubbock, TX representing populations of interest. All of the entries were planted at the Tulare County FOV screening site in May, 2014 and about half of the entries were also planted at the Kern County FOV screening site that we have developed


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