2013 Cotton Harvest Aid Progress Report


Cotton Harvest Aid Management 2013

This report summarizes the applied defoliation research studies conducted during 2013. This was another unique season due to warm weather causing rapid progression of the cotton crop. Three research trials were conducted on Pima cotton at the Westside Research Center in Five Points, CA. These fields were planted with Phytogen 802RF on April 16, 2013 with a seed rate of 18 lbs/A. The fields received a pre-irrigation, three in-season irrigations, and pressure bomb readings were taken to better manage plant vigor. In addition, the fields received 140 lbs of nitrogen urea plus 14 lbs sidedress of Temik (Aldicarb) on May24, 2013. The fields also received 16 ounces of Mepex (Mepiquat Chloride) on June 19th and again on July 1, 2013. The plots were 65’ in length and consisted of four rows with 40” spacing. In each trial, each treatment had 4 replications.

The objective of these studies was to define the most appropriate conditions for effective defoliation and crop termination. New harvest aids and several tank mix combinations…

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