CDPR Issues Critical Section 24c Special Local Needs Registration for 18 for Sefina Inscalis (afidopyropen)

This week, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation issued a Section 24c Special Local Needs (SLN) Emergency Registration for Sefina Inscalis Insecticide (afidopyropen). The request for the Section 24c was submitted last week by the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association in conjunction with BASF to help address the disastrous lygus situation. While it isn’t the silver bullet the Association tried to get in asking CDPR to allow us to use Transform (sulfoxaflor), it is a help. Also, CDPR acted quickly to address the crisis where growers were already spraying as many as 5 times to control the relentless lygus problem caused by this past winter long and heavy rains. The Section 24c now allows for an additional application of Sefina, which is critical right now for lygus. All ag commissioners have been notified and recommendations can now be made.