What does Cotton Acreage Look Like for California in 2022?

With cotton prices where they are today, it comes as no surprise to see an increase in cotton acreage for 2022.  Unfortunately, another year of drought will severely limit the amount of acreage that gets planted this year.  As of today, California cotton growers are only increasing their plantings this year by approximately 10% despite record cotton prices.  Cotton growers planted approximately 120,000 total acres in 2021 and are looking to plant 132,000 acres in 2022.

According to the preliminary planting intentions survey conducted by the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association this month, the Association is currently estimating approximately only 107,000 acres of pima, 1,600 acres of Hazera and about 24,000 acres of upland statewide for the 2022 cotton season plus or minus 10%.  This survey is based on surveys from all of the gins in California and things could change when planting is actually completed and final field surveys are completed by CDFA.  If it plays out, it will represent a 26% increase in pima acreage and a 31% decrease in upland acreage in California as compared to 2021.  Again, this is preliminary, but reflects what all gins are reporting.