Truck Rule Advisory

This is a reminder that ARB registered Ag fleets taking advantage of one of the mileage provisions of the rule have until January 31st to update your truck mileage into the ARB system. The only ARB registered trucks that do not have to report mileage are Specialty vehicles which do not have annual mileage limitations.

Also, there are ARB requirements that state that those hiring trucks have a responsibility to hire trucks that are complying with the truck rule. Many of you may need to document that you are hiring compliant trucks or are being asked to prove your trucks are compliant. This can be done using ARB’s online system by printing a certificate of compliance and keeping it on file. When hiring trucks you can ask for their certificate. Many haulers will be taking advantage of the recently added “Good Faith Efforts” proposed by ARB to delay filter requirements. Fleets that wish to take advantage of the delay will need to enter their information into ARB’s system. Those vehicles registered under the “Good Faith Efforts” will also have the ability to provide a printed certificate. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact our office at (559) 252-0684.