SCE Proposes Major Rate Increase in Next General Rate Case

Southern California Edison has proposed a 45% rate increase over already approved 2024 rates, which would generate another $3.9 billion in revenue for SCE.  This follows the proposed 46% increase in rates by PG&E by 2026.  With the state’s push to electrify everything how can businesses survive in this state?  The association will be working with the Ag Energy Consumers Association (AECA) on both of these important general rate cases (GRCs).  Association President/CEO Roger Isom is the President of the Board of AECA and Association Assistant Vice President Priscilla Rodriguez also sits on the AECA Board of Directors, so this will be a priority!


SCE 2025 GRC
  Revenue Requirement $ increase Total $ increase over 2024 rates % increase over 2024 rates
2024 $8.367B      
2025 $10.267B $1.9B  $1.9B 23% increase
2026 $10.985B $619M $2.5B 30% increase
2027 $11.549B $664M $3.2B 38% increase
2028 $12.253B $704M $3.9B 45% increase