New Data on 2020 Variety Trails & FOV4 Screening

The University of California released new research data on the 2020 Pima and Upland /Acala cotton variety trails through research funding provided by California Cotton Growers and Ginners Association. The research was led by UC CE Specialist / AES and Center Director Bob Hutmacher in cooperation with the University of CA staff headed by Mark Keeley, TarileeFrigulti-Schramm and Jorge Angeles, and UCCE Farm AdvisorsDan Munk, Brian Marsh, Jose Dias, Nicholas Clark and staff. Data on the 2020 FOV race 4 Commercial Entry Screening Summary was also released.   The summary with Fusarium race 4 screening summary results is from field trials in Tulare County and Merced County in 2020.  This research was funded through Ca Cotton Alliance, Cotton Incorporated State Support and Cotton Incorporated Core. You can find direct links to the yield data below, and hvi fiber quality summaries from the same trials will be posted at the same site.

• 2020 University Of California Pima Cotton Variety Trials- Yields
• 2020 University Of California Upland/Acala Cotton Variety Trials- Yields
• 2020 University Of California Fusarium Race 4 Field Screening Summaries

You can always find research data on our website here.