NCC Predicts 25% drop in CA Cotton Acreage for 2021

At this week’s Annual Meeting of the National Cotton Council (NCC), preliminary forecast for cotton acreage in California reflected an unexpected overall 25% drop in acreage.  Pima acreage was forecast at 108,000 acres, down from 147,000 acres in 2020 reflecting about a 26.5% drop in acres.  Upland was expected to be at 28,000 acres, down from 34,000 acres in 2020 representing approximately a 17.7% drop in acreage.  Total acreage is predicted to be 136,000 acres, down from 181,000 acres in 2020 meaning an overall predicted reduction in acreage of approximately 25%.  If this plays out, the overall cotton acreage would be the lowest planted cotton acreage in California since before 1920.  The biggest factors for the decline include water availability and pricing.  However, prices and demand for cotton are on the increase, and with more storms on the way these numbers could change.  The Association has just sent their Annual Predicted cotton acreage survey to all gins and hope to have expected numbers by mid-March.