Latest News – Air District Electric ATV Incentive Program

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD), in partnership with our Association, is applying for special one-time grant funding to receive $3 million that will go solely to replace existing fuel fired ATV with electric ATV’s. This special opportunity would replace fuel fired ATVs with models including the John Deere Electric Gator or Polaris EV UTV. The incentive will pay participating recipients 75% of the electric UTV to replace the existing fuel fired ATV, which will be scrapped. We are in a very short time frame to participate in this one-time project. Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity must complete the below spreadsheet and email to our office at by the end of next week! If you have any questions please call Jodi Raley or Roger Isom at (559) 252-0684.

Link to spreadsheet