Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir Project Letters of Support

With the wheels set in motion, Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir Project continues to make significant headway towards achieving funding. The San Joaquin Valley Water Infrastructure Authority (SJVWIA) will be submitting the complete application package to the California Water Commission by August 14, 2017 to compete for monies in the Water Bond. Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir project would create an additional 1.26 million acre-feet to be stored within the upper portion of Millerton Lake, ultimately tripling Millerton’s current storage capacity. In this season alone, it is estimated that Millerton will have released approximately 2.5 million acre-feet out to the ocean. Coming off of years of critical drought conditions, the reality that many dams and rivers in the Central Valley are operating under flood emergencies is troubling. Storage projects like Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir project, to off-set high precipitation years to provide controlled and timely releases is needed now more than ever. Accompanying the project’s application package to be submitted in August, the California Water Commission would like to hear from those that would benefit from this project.

Below are addressing the benefits of the project:

  • Help address the broad negative effects of California’s water supply crisis on the valley, which requires much improved surface water availability and reliability south of the Delta —as Temperance Flat’s 1.26 million acre-feet of storage would provide —for use by valley farmers, residents and businesses.
  • Capture high flows as they are occurring in big water years with surface storage that will permit capacity for gradual conveyance and percolation without which implementing and meeting the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act’s mandates will not be possible.
  • Greatly improve San Joaquin River flood protection and minimize flood release water losses to the ocean.
  • Provide San Joaquin River environmental enhancement water.
  • Tremendously increase overall regional water management and supply flexibility.
  • Provide a south-of-the-Delta source of emergency water supply for Southern California and other parts of California now relying upon fragile Delta water infrastructure.

You can express your support three ways:

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