Incentive Funding for Electric Forklift Available

The VW Mitigation Trust announced that up to $175,000 per forklift is available to help forklift owners buy all-electric forklifts. Applications will be accepted on first-come first-served basis through September 22, 2021.

Key Program Details

  • Applies to forklifts with lift capacity of 8,000 lbs or greater
  • May be anywhere in California and in any use or sector

How It Works

  • Must scrap old forklift with internal combustion engine (Tier 4 diesel or earlier. LPG forklifts eligible. LSI forklifts eligible.)
  • Must replace with all-electric forklift (battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell or grid-tied)

For more information regarding the program or to apply visit the Program Website or reach out to

Informational Flyer