Important Changes for Paraquat

Label Changes

As new paraquat labels begin to hit the market, the Association wanted to provide information in regards to the mandated label changes affecting all users of the product including additional training and certification. The Environmental Protection Agency is requiring that by November 14, 2019 manufacturers of paraquat must change labeling of the product to include the new warning boxes in both English and Spanish as well as a revised restricted use statement and the requirement of users needing to have paraquat-specific training in addition to state-required certification to apply restricted use materials. Containers will also be required to include several supplemental warnings including stickers and “counter cards” reiterating the toxicity information in English and Spanish.

Training Requirements

The training requirements that will be shared are required for any individual using paraquat product with the new label information. Product with the old label does not need to be relabeled and is not subject to these additional training requirements, however it is encouraged to begin the process as soon as possible. The definition of “use” includes pre-application activities such as mixing and loading as well as applying, transporting or storing opened containers, cleaning equipment, and disposing excess product, spray mix, equipment wash waters, empty pesticide containers and other paraquat-containing material. Two certifications will be required to use paraquat products – (1) a certified pesticide applicator’s license/permit from your state and (2) paraquat-specific training certificate in your name obtained online (link below). Non-certified applicators will no longer be allowed to use products even if under the supervision of certified applicators. Below are the different options of becoming a certified applicator based on your operation and situation

  • If you are using or supervising the use of a pesticide for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity on property, owned, leased or rented by yourself or your employer then you will be required to obtain a Private Applicator Certification. These are offered in English and Spanish through your County Agricultural Commissioner’s office.



  • All individuals, whether falling into the PAC or QAL/QAC requirement, must undergo paraquat-specific training. This training is available at As of right now, the training is only available in English however, Spanish materials are currently in development

There will be additional changes for packaging requiring product to be sold in closed-system packaging however that will not go into effect until fall of 2020.

All of this information and more is available in the handout linked below, if you have additional questions please contact Jodi Devaurs at or at (559) 455-9272.

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