Another high heat advisory warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for Thursday, July 26, 2019 and Friday, July 27, 2019 for parts of Central Valley counties.  Employers must have an effective Heat Illness Prevention Program and procedures in place on the steps to take during high heat temperatures.  Procedures for shade must be made available at all times and in place when the temperature is 80 degrees or above.  Employers should encourage employees to frequently drink water throughout the work shift and encourage workers to take a cool-down rest in the shade for at least five minutes. High heat procedures include documented daily tailgate meeting when the temperature is 95 degrees and above to review the high heat procedures, encourage employees to drink plenty of water – at least 1 quart per hour the entire shift, remind employees of their right to take a cool-down rest when necessary. Other requirements include observing employees for alertness and signs or symptoms of heat illness.  Prevention of heat illness is crucial, ensure supervisors are effectively trained on emergency procedures and signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses.