Excessive Heat Warning

The Central Valley will be hit with high heat temperatures for the next several days with some areas experiencing temperature over 108 degrees.  It is imperative to follow your high heat procedures – when temperature is 95 degrees or above for outdoor work:

⇒ be sure to conduct a tailgate meeting before work beginsand review heat illness prevention procedures, weather forecast, emergency response and additional safety measures;
⇒ remind employees to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, and
⇒ take a cool down rest break in shade as needed.

In addition:

⇒ If possible, adjust work schedules:
o start the work shift earlier in the day or later in the evening;
o schedule heavy work activities during cooler parts of the day (early morning or
evening) and less physically demanding work during the hot parts of the day;
o split work shifts to avoid work during the hottest part of the day;
o rotative employees through less physically demanding jobs, or
o cut work shifts short or stop work altogether.
⇒ Encourage employees to drink water throughout the work shift to prevent dehydration.
⇒ Observe employees more closely for alertness or any signsor symptoms of heat illness by using your mandatory ‘buddy system’.
⇒ Maintain effective communication via voice, observation, two-way radio, cell phone, so employees at the work site can contact a supervisor when necessary.  Encourage communication about how they are feeling on a more frequent basis.
⇒ Provide an additional 10-minute cool down rest period every two hours – if timing coincides with regular rest period, no additional preventative cool-down rest period required.

For additional heat illness prevention measures, visit our website www.agprocessors.org or contact Elda Brueggemann at elda@agprocessors.org.