CPUC Eliminates Net-Energy Metering Aggregation Program

In a highly controversial move, the CPUC voted recently to end the NEM-A program for farms, food processors and other customers. If you are planning to implement a new solar system you have less than 90 days to get your application submitted to avail your project to the existing NEM-A rules. 

As regularly reported on by AECA, after the main Net Billing Tariff (the new Net-Energy Metering program) program was finalized at the CPUC, they moved onto NEM Aggregation. AECA helped to create the NEM Aggregation program in the Legislature in 2012 with SB 594 (2021, Wolk) and has been working for months to keep the program available.

As noted in AECA comments, the Adopted Decision will now drastically limit, if not eliminate agricultural customers’ ability to install on-farm solar net-metering projects.

AECA aggressively advocated for the aggregation program to remain an effective tool for agricultural and food processing operations to produce onsite renewable energy.

AECA submitted comments, had meetings with the CPUC commissioners, the CA Dept of Food and Agriculture, Governor Newsom’s Cabinet staff and encouraged legislators to call on the CPUC to revise the decision. ACEA recently led efforts resulting in 19 legislators signing a letter to the CPUC and Governor. This followed a joint ag letter signed by major agricultural organizations in the state.

Despite these efforts the CPUC sided with PG&E, SCE and other utilities who have long sought to end the NEM-A program

ACT NOW BEFORE THE PROGRAM CHANGES! Reach out to your local farm solar providers and get your utility applications in by mid-February.