Assessment of Fusarium in SJV Cotton: Field Evaluation Support and Variety Screening Evaluations


In California, Fusarium wilt of cotton has been considered a potentially serious fungal disease caused by the organism Fusarium oxysporum vas infectum (also called “FOV”). However, in the past, damage associated with Fusarium in SJV cotton has been notable only in production areas with the combination of: (a) moderate to high populations of a specific race of FOV (usually race 1 ); (b) soils witl1 a sandy or sandy loam texture; and (c) root knot nematodes present in high-enough populations to cause significant galling and root damage. Past research generally indicated that FOV damage was worst when both FOV inoculum and nematodes were present in relatively higl1 concentrations. Methods used in the past to limit damage to cotton associated with Fusarium wilt have been to avoid planting cotton in soils in which the combination of sandy or sandy loam texture is combined with the presence of root knot nematode, or grow cotton only infrequently…

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