Evaluation of Low Pressure Irrigation Systems (LPS) for Cotton in Reduced Tillage Systems


Recently, water, energy, fertilizer, pesticides, labor cost and the capital investment in modem irrigation systems have risen dramatically and at a rate greater than farmer returns. Studies have demonstrated that drip irrigation can improve water use efficiency, reduce fertilizer losses and reduce application of pesticides and fungicides, particularly when compared with flood, furrow and sprinkler irrigation. As drip irrigation knowledge has evolved, Netafim Irrigation has developed Low Pressure Systems (LPS) that operate at 3 psi pressure while achieving a distribution uniformity of 90% or better. The conversion of leveled furrow irrigated fields to LPS using pressurized district water eliminates additional energy expenditures. It also conserves significant water and energy and allows the use of low pressure components, thus reducing the capital inputs of LPS. Three years of…

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