California Democrats on the Verge of Supermajority

With the nation still celebrating, or protesting, the results of this year’s election, outcomes for some key Assembly and Senate races are still being tallied.  A final count is being reviewed to determine if Democrats have secured a supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate.  On the Assembly side, Democrats are on the verge of picking up the two necessary seats to give them a two-thirds supermajority.  With a return victory for Democrat Al Muratuschi in District 66 (Torrance), District 65 (Fullerton) is also showing Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva ahead of her Republican challenger Young Kim by a slim margin.  Democratic Challenger Sabrina Cervantes is also leading incumbent Republican Assembly Member Eric Linder in District 60’s (Corona) race.

The supermajority is too early to call on the Senate side, but Senate Dems have held on to all of their current seats.  They only need to pick up one more additional seat to gain the supermajority.  Ballots are still being calculated in the race to fill former Republican Minority Leader Bob Huff’s seat for District 29 (Diamond Bar).  Republican nominee Ling Ling Chan holds a 1.8% lead over Democratic Challenger Josh Newman.

In other election news, Governor Brown secured a small victory for his Twin Tunnels project with the defeat of Proposition 53.  Prop 53 would have required the project to go before a vote of the people before the building process could begin.  Republicans also scored a small victory with the passage of Proposition 54 which requires all legislation to be in print 72 hours before it is voted on.  If you have any other questions on any other propositions or races, please feel free to contact us.