Cal/OSHA Issues New Guidance on Workplace Safety Related to COVID-19 for Agriculture

This week, Cal/OSHA has released new guidance and checklists for Agriculture and Livestock, and for Food Packing and Processing.  This new guidance is intended to support a safe, clean environment for workers in these areas.  The update now mandates a “written worksite specific plan” for these operations to protect workers.  Included in the guidance is information on what is required in the written plan, training topics, individual control measures, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and physical distancing guidelines.  To assist our members in this area, staff is currently developing a template plan, inspection checklist, training materials and developing a supervisorial training webinar the Association will be conducting in the very near future.

Here are the new Guidance Documents and General Checklists:

• COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Agriculture and Livestock
• Cal/OSHA COVID-19 General Checklist for Agriculture and Livestock Employers
• COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Food Packing and Processing
• Cal/OSHA COVID-19 General Checklist for Meat, Dairy, or Produce Packing or Processing

Stay tuned for more information!