Association Testifies at Yet Another PM2.5 Workshop

Association President/CEO Roger Isom provided testimony at today’s Public Advisory Workgroup (PAW) meeting on the PM2.5 State Implementation Plant (SIP) at the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD).  The 12th such workshop, which does include the four Air Resources Board (ARB) and SJVAPCD Board Briefings, was held to provide an update on the development of the SIP which will be considered and voted on by the SJVAPCD Governing Board in March of 2018 and by the ARB Board in April of 2018.  The Association has been present and testified at every single one.  Isom’s comments focused on the SJVAPCD’s proposal to electrify more ag pump engines, use incentive funds in “hot spots” areas for tractor and harvesters, as well as looking at new Conservation Management Practices (CMPs).  Isom also commented on the ARB’s proposal to have a tractor rule that would put forth a date by which tractors would have to be replaced with Tier 4 engines.   “Incentive funds are the only way agriculture can address a tractor replacement regulation.  We cannot pass along the cost, like other industries”.  With regards to the electrification issue, Isom commented that there needs to be a meeting of the agencies, including the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as the utilities are proposing to change their rates which would have a direct negative impact on further electrification.  Stay tuned as this issue continues to move towards Board adoption.