Association Merger Approved!

On January 1, 2017, after a unanimous vote from members of both Associations, the California Cotton Ginners Association and the California Cotton Growers Association will become one organization!  The Western Cotton Growers Association was founded in 1949 as a cotton organization representing the interests of Arizona, California, and New Mexico cotton growers. One of the important issues that brought these growers together was government cotton allotments. By the mid 1950′s, with cotton allotments no longer being the central issue, each of the three states went their separate ways and formed their own state grower associations. Since that time, the Western Cotton Growers Association, the name retained by the California organization, worked on issues involving the California cotton growers.  In 1971, a few ginners began meeting. They were concerned over a series of regulations being imposed by State and Federal agencies. What they envisioned was an organization that would represent a united front, and in 1973 the needs led to the formation of the California Cotton Ginners Association.  In 1990, the Western Cotton Growers Association and the California Cotton Ginners Association agreed to share offices, staff and costs of running both organizations.  This agreement has facilitated better use of the dues collected from the members of both associations by avoiding duplication of costs. Furthermore, the Ginner – Grower Associations’ Agreement has greatly enhanced and strengthened the legislative advocacy link in Sacramento as well as Washington.  To further identify the members as California Cotton Growers, in 1991 the Western Cotton Growers changed its name to the California Cotton Growers Association.  For the past 25 years these Associations have shared staff and offices, but kept separate accounting, Boards of Directors and meetings.  With the approved merger there will now be one Board of Directors made up of 12 growers and 12 ginners.  At the December joint board meeting the following board members and officers were appointed from the existing boards:


The new officers for the Association were appointed as follows:

Chairman – Phil Hansen
1st Vice Chairman – Mike Davis
2nd Vice Chairman – Bryan Bone
Secretary/Treasurer – Tom Gaffney

Officially, this new organization will be called the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association.