ARB holds Truck and Bus Regulation Workshop

WAPA attended ARB’s presentation today regarding their proposed amendments to the Truck and Bus Regulation. Agenda items included overview of the current rule, the new proposed amendments, and a chance for stakeholders to voice their concerns. The meeting was extremely well attended with over 70 concerned individuals in attendance. WAPA’s President, Roger Isom testified at the workshop noting troubles with the diesel particulate filters and proposed several changes to the current regulation. Isom’s proposed changes to ARB staff included extending the sign up period for compliance extension, extending compliance dates for Ag categories, and extending the trade up program from 2014 to 2018.

In conjunction with the meeting was the deadline for Prop 1B funding through the SJV Air Pollution Control District that helps owners by replacing older trucks or engines.

More information about the Truck and Bus Regulation is available on ARB’s website: Questions regarding reporting can be directed to Lastly, questions regarding the regulation and compliance can be answer at ARB’s hotline at 866-6-DIEDEL or through email at