ARB Holds Hearing on PM2.5 Plan – Association Continues Fight

While activists outnumbered agricultural representatives 10 to 1, the Association yet again spoke out against the mandate to tractors, harvesters and pump engines at the California Air Resources Board Hearing this week in Sacramento on the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for attaining the PM2.5 Standard.  Once again, Association President/CEO Roger Isom testified before the Board to ensure agriculture’s accomplishments were recognized.  The plan will have a hearing In August or September, but CARB demanded an update from staff on the development of the plan and what will be included.  The Association, along with the Nisei Farmers League, were the only ag organizations to testify at the hearing where environmental advocates and some ARB board members called for a mandatory farm equipment and harvester replacement rule.  Isom highlighted the 12.65 tons of NOx reductions already obtained on a voluntary basis through the NRCS EQIP program and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s Ag Equipment Incentive Program.