Annual Air Resource Board Truck Registration Due

January is upon us, and while it is time to celebrate the coming of a new year, it also means that vehicle fleets must be registered or updated with the Air Resources Board (ARB).  If you are familiar with registering your trucks through the Truck and Bus Reporting System, you will be pleasantly surprised with their newly designed reporting website.  If you are unfamiliar with the system, ARB requires that vehicle fleets be reported through their website.   The information needed for reporting includes vehicle make and model, vehicle model year, vehicle type, VIN number, and family name of the vehicle.  The purpose of the website is to report annual mileage for vehicles used at a specific operation.  Agriculture has several exemptions available through the program, including: Ag Mileage Extensions, Ag Specialty Vehicles, Low Mileage Work Truck, and Low-Use Non Operational Vehicles.  There are restrictions to the number of vehicles, or number of miles specific vehicles, can be registered under specific exemptions.  The Ag Mileage Extension only allows for 5 vehicles to be registered under that exemption, and Low Use Non-Op vehicles are only allowed to travel a couple hundred miles every year at the maximum.

Vehicle fleet registration/update is due by January 31st, so there is plenty of time to get your vehicles updated.  If you have any questions with reporting, or would like help getting your vehicles registered, please feel free to contact Director of Technical Services, Chris McGlothlin, at , or give us a call at (559) 252-0684.