Air Resources Board Approves Zero Emission Truck Replacement Rule

Over the last two days, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Board heard the final update to staff’s Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) regulation.  CARB Staff presented the final draft version of the rule, which is set to require businesses that dispatch or own 50 or more vehicles, or have $50 million or more in receipts, to begin replacing and upgrading their fleets with Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV’s) starting in 2025.  The Board heard from over 120 different commenters, and debated for more than two hours before motioning to approve the regulation.  It was approved unanimously by the Board, but with some additional emphasis being placed on impacts to industry. 

The Association’s Director of Technical Services, Chris McGlothlin, provided comments specifically identifying the current delays with utility interconnectivity.  Speaking on years long delays to connect well pumps, farm shops, even major processing facilities, McGlothlin emphasized that the utility companies are not ready for the manufactured demand for system upgrades that this rule creates.  Speaking after public comments were provided, several Board Members echoed those concerns in regard to interconnectivity, and directed staff to work with industry and various stakeholders to stay on top of direct needs on the infrastructure side.  Stay tuned for more updates!