Management and Damage Potential of Lygus Bugs to Black-eye Cowpeas


Abstract. Lygus bugs are a severe pest of bean production in many parts of the Central Valley. Insecticides should be combined with other management approaches to provide cost-effective management of this pest. Registered and experimental insecticides were evaluated to determine their efficacy against lygus bugs (adults and nymphs) and impacts on bean yield and quality in blackeye cowpeas…

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Control of Lygus hesperus on alfalfa with Beauveria bassiana


Justification and Problem Statement

The Western tarnished plant bug, Lygus hesperus is a major pest of cotton in the San Joaquin Valley and a closely related species, L. lineolaris, is quickly becoming the primary pest of cotton in the Southeast US. Research in the past few years aimed at developing a control strategy that targets the pest species and sustains natural enemy populations, which would otherwise be killed by chemical pesticides that are currently used. Beauveria bassiana is a fungal pathogen that infects a wide range of insect hosts including Lygus bugs. Commercial formulations of this fungus are…


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