2014 Verticillium Wilt resistance of cotton germplasm


Objectives of Research:
The overall objective of this research was to identify and utilize field screening locations with a moderate to high level of sustained Verticillium wilt inoculum to provide a location for field screening of cotton germplasm of interest in CA Cotton production. The aim of the work is to utilize locations with a Verticillium wilt population for field screenings to identify relative susceptibility of newer commercial varieties of interest for CA Cotton production, and to then screen experimentals from both commercial breeders or seed companies plus those from USDA-ARS or other public breeding programs…

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Bob Hutmacher
.UCCE Extension Agronomist
Department of Agronomy and Range Science
UC Davis I Shafter REC
(661) 746-8020 I fax (661) 746-1619

Cooperators: Ron Vargas, Steve Wright, Bill Weir, Bruce Roberts,
Dan Munk, Brian Marsh, Mark Keeley, Raul Delgado, Scott Perkins

1999 Studies

In 1999, studies are underway at nine locations in the San Joaquin Valley in tests run by our office in cooperation with the six San Joaquin Valley UCCE cotton Farm Advisors.  At the time of writing this report, we have limited data to report, since no final plant mapping data have been analyzed and we are still a way off from defoliation and harvest. Instead, the following will be a brief description of the type of testing program initiated for 1999, and data collection plans.

Two different types of studies are underway this year, (a) a large-scale plot study on grower fields to evaluate varieties in large plots, where adequate seed…

Download full copy of Research here