1998 Studies
Eleven approved Acala varieties were planted in tests in 1998. Varieties included the standard, Maxxa, plus Phytogen-33, SJ-2, GC-510, Royale, DPL-6204, GC-535, C-141, GTO Maxxa, GC-500 and DP-6211. Tests were located in each ofthe six San Joaquin Valley cotton-producing counties, plus the Shafter and West Side Research and Extension Centers of the University of CA. Tests in grower fields were large scale, with individual entries grown in 6 to 8 row width plots averaging 1300 feet or more in row length. All studies had 4 replications in a randomized complete block design. Studies at West Side and Shafter locations were smaller, with plots 4 rows in width by 300 feet length…


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