W.C. Hofmann, L.M. Carter, P.E. Keeley, and L.F. Elliott J.H. Chesson, R.J. Thullen, D. Ballard, and N. Goodell

OBJECTIVES: To develop the criteria for ‘best practice’ cotton production systems. To test experimental component subsystems and the interrelationship of cotton production subsystems including rotational crops. To demonstrate for technology transfer ‘best practice’ systems.

PROCEDURE: Four systems were identified for inclusion in a field study resulting from a factorial of two systems categories: row spacing and tillage. The ‘best practice’ row spacing was selected as 30 inch as compared…

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Cover Crops for Annual Cropping Systems

OBJECTIVES: To identify and research cover crops suitable for use in cotton
production systems (major emphasis is to determine the beneficial aspects of cover crops in managing weeds in cotton).

PROCEDURES: Five cover crops (annual ryegrass, barley, hairy vetch, subterranean
clover, and tall fescue) were seeded into four row plots that were 65 feet long
on ll/7 /89.

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