Revisions to Requirements for 1,3-D;Telone Use

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) announced new requirements on the way 1,3-D (aka Telone) is managed and used in California. Taking effect January 1, 2017 the annual limit for a township (six mile by six mile area used to monitor pesticide activity) will be changed to 136,000 pounds. This is a drastic decrease given some current township limits are as high as 180,500 pounds per year.  To give a better indication of the impact this reduction will have, growers will only be able to treat about 410 acres in a township a year. Additionally, DPR announced that it will no longer allow the use of the “banking” system, which allowed for annual carryover of unused allocations of 1,3-D from one year to the next.  Furthermore, growers will no longer be allowed to use 1-3,D during the month of December, citing that the weather conditions tend to make air concentrations higher. These changes poses serious hurdles for growers to overcome, if a township meets the new threshold growers who need to use 1,3-D will have little to no options for nematode control.