Call for Action!

The State Legislature is taking up a massive bailout for PG&E that could put much of the onus of the massive 2017 fires on the backs of ratepayers, even if PG&E is found negligent.  The legislation came to life this week, in typical “last week of session fashion”, from a legislative conference committee tasked with addressing the wildfire and utility liability issue.   Unfortunately, the committee sided with the utility and its shareholders, not ratepayers like you.  The legislation, SB 901 would require ratepayers to cover whatever damages are beyond the cap placed on PG&E, even if PG&E is found negligent in the massive 2017 fires.  At $10 billion in liability, customers will pay an additional ½ cent per kWh for every kilowatt hour for the next 20 years!  SB 901 will be voted by both the Assembly and Senate Friday night, and the Association is adamantly opposed and we need your help to stop it.  We need you to call your State Senator and Assembly representatives and let them know you wholeheartedly oppose this legislation.  Let them know how much electric rates already impact you and that businesses cannot stand any more.  It is not fair for the burden of the utilities negligence to fall on the backs of ratepayers and the time to stop this is right now!

Oppose SB 901