Association Recognizes George Soares

This past week at the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association’s 2024 Annual Meeting,  the Association presented George Soares with its Distinguished Service Award.  The highly prestigious award isn’t given every year but was long overdue for the man who has been the Association’s lobbying firm and general legal counsel since 1980.  On hand to make the presentation was former  Association President/CEO Earl P. Williams who guided the Association for 20 years from 1992 to 2012.  Prior to his leadership as President/CEO Earl was on the board that initially hired George to represent the Association in Sacramento.  At the meeting Earl highlighted many of the successes that George helped guide the Association through including the tractor tax exemption, changes to the one variety law, and challenges with Cal/OSHA that initiated the formation of the Ginners Association.  Earl closed his remarks with these words “This year’s Nominee is the best in this field. He has been a dear personal friend, a trusted mentor, an advisor, and just what these Associations needed from the beginning and remains so important today!  The man from Harmony,  a man that brings good sense and sound judgment and “harmony” to all he does! Never a raised voice, never a bad word! Always prepared!”  The Association congratulates Mr. George Soares as this year’s Distinguished Service Award honoree.