Association Continues Work for Electric ATV Incentive Program

Last month the Association, in working with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD), solicited potential participants for an Electric ATV Incentive Program, in which the SJVAPCD would pay 75% of the cost of an electric ATV to replace old fuel fired ATVs. The list of participants was submitted with the District’s application for funding and the funds are anticipated to be approved next month with the hopes of issuing vouchers for the replacements at the beginning of 2018. The Association continues to see this project through. President/CEO Roger Isom, Director of Technical Services Chris McGlothlin and Director of Regulatory Affairs Jodi Raley met with an ATV dealer to learn more about how electric ATVs operate and the feasibility of electric equipment on a farming operation. After lengthy discussion and a demo, it seems incredibly promising! We will continue to be engaged in seeing this program come to fruition so stay tuned!