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The California Cotton Growers Association was founded in 1990 after it’s predecessor, the Western Cotton Growers Association had operated since 1949.

The Western Cotton Growers Association was founded in 1949 as a cotton organization representing the interests of Arizona, California, and New Mexico cotton growers. One of the important issues that brought these growers together was government cotton allotments. By the mid 1950′s, with cotton allotments no longer being the central issue, each of the three states went their separate ways and formed their own state grower associations. Since that time, the Western Cotton Growers Association, the name retained by the California organization, worked on issues involving the California cotton growers.

In 1990, the Western Cotton Growers Association and the California Cotton Ginners Association agreed to share offices, staff and costs of running both organizations. This agreement has facilitated better use of the dues collected from the members of both associations by avoiding duplication of costs. Furthermore, the Ginner – Grower Associations Agreement has greatly enhanced and strengthened the legislative advocacy link in Sacramento as well as Washington. To further identify the members as California Cotton Growers, in 1991 the Western Cotton Growers changed its name to the California Cotton Growers Association.

Today the Association represents all of the cotton growers in California. It’s members produce 100% of California’s total annual production, both upland and pima.

The California Cotton Growers Association is very active on all issues that effect cotton growers in California. Whether on the state or national level, the Association is there to meet the many challenges of defeating and/or compromising issues in non farmer friendly legislation, as well as, overly burdensome regulations. Some of the key issues that the Association is involved in currently are: Worker Protection Standards, PM10 (dust control), Ergonomics, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Pesticide Regulations and Registrations, Ag Energy Sources and Rates, Genetically Enhanced Products, Federal Farm Legislation Issues and the Food Quality Protection Act to name just a few.
Ever increasing federal and state laws and regulations are drastically changing the California agriculture industry. As the number of people involved in agriculture continues to decrease while the general population of California continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to influence agriculture’s direction and future. Our voices must now be louder and our efforts stronger than ever. We must join together to educate the general populace and to demonstrate and tell the story of responsible agriculturalists who are true conservationists and responsible business people with a continuing heavy investment in the future.

Many multi-commodity and broad based groups with greatly varying farm interests, attempt to represent the problems facing the cotton industry. While we are grateful for and support these efforts, we recognize that many of these organizations often find themselves compromised between the different commodity interests of their own members. This makes them sometimes ineffectual in their roles as spokespersons and legislative watchdogs for growers with interests in specific crops, such as cotton. The California Cotton Growers Association is committed to representation of California Cotton Growers and their specific problems.

The Association is guided by a Board of Directors composed of 24 members; 18 are elected by grower members in their respective counties to 3 year terms, 2 are At-Large Directors appointed by the Board and 2 who are Honorary Directors. Past chairmen are eligible to serve 3 years as honorary directors following their service as chairman. The Directors proportionately represent all cotton growing counties of the San Joaquin Valley, the extreme southern California cotton growing valley counties, and Sacramento Valley cotton growing counties. There are also currently 8 appointed Advisors to the board and 3 active Honorary Advisors who are past chairmen.

In addition to regular member the Association has an Associate Membership family that today consists of 36 allied industry affiliates.

The Association currently operates with a staff of four full-time employees and one part time employee. The Association’s office is located near the Fresno airport at 1785 N. Fine Ave, Fresno, CA 93727; phone number (559) 252-0684, fax (559) 252-0551, website: www.ccgga.org. Please feel free to call or come by the Association’s office if you would like additional information regarding this organization.